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Party Furniture Rentals NY, CT & MA

Making Your Party Vision a Reality. Free Design & Layout.

Renting lounge party furniture will take your event to the next level. We rent the highest quality lounge furniture for all types of events in New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA) and New England. A comfortable seating environment is imperative to turn your next event from an ordinary party into an extraordinary experience.

Boppers offers light up dance floor rentals, custom bar rentals, plush lounge rentals, V.I.P. lounge rentals, light up furniture rentals, cabana rentals, custom lounge rentals, table party rentals, display party rentals, party lighting rentals and party furniture rentals to create a party that not only exceeds your expectations, but also transcends your imagination!

Our team of experts will help you plan the best layout and design based on your space, as well as the existing lighting and any additional lighting we will bring in. The design and layout is always FREE! Contact us today for more information.

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